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Radiant Heat

Radiant heating systems are the most efficient, most comfortable, and quietest method of heating that exists.

The best way to grasp the warmth of radiant heat is to experience it. The air is still, the room is quiet, and your body is not giving up heat; you are comfortable. Air temperature varies little from floor to ceiling.

Radiant heat keeps objects in the room warmer than your body. The floor is warm and there are no drafts. The boiler is running less, because water temperatures in the system are lower. Once the house is heated, floors and furniture hold heat, so your boiler runs less.

Conventional heating systems heat the air. Hot air rises, moves around, and squeezes out any opening it can find. When a door or window is opened, the hot air rushes out. Radiant systems heat objects in the room, not air, so there is less heat loss through doors and windows. Again, your boiler runs less.

Radiant heat works in a slab or thin gypcrete over a wood floor; it also works great under wood floors, carpeting, or any type of flooring. It can be added to existing structures, either on top of the floor or fastened underneath. Insulation under the tubing sends the radiant heat where it needs to go.

Radiant can be added to your existing heat source, or we can install a new heat source depending on your needs. The system can be simple and basic, or it can have controls and sensors to adjust temperatures.

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