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Air Conditioning & Heat Pumps

We install air conditioning systems and heat pumps in new homes, and they can be easily added to existing homes. Mini split systems are installed without the use of duct work. These systems run by remote control, and they can run as a fan only, the louvers are adjustable to direct the blowing air where you want it. We can install one in a single room, or the whole floor of your home.

Some of the mini split models serve as heat pumps as well. When the temperature is above -13°, the heat pump works to heat the area, instead of turning on your furnace.

In duct work systems, we install “hybrid” heating systems. Hybrid heat uses a heat pump for ˝ of the winter, and a furnace for the colder part of the winter. So you can save fuel costs by leaving your furnace off until the real cold temperatures hit.

The brands of equipment that we install are Trane, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Unico high velocity and more.

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