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If your heating and cooling system isn’t performing well, you need a solution as soon as possible. When that happens, Keating Plumbing and Heating is ready to get your system back in working order. Our experienced technicians can take on any obstacle your home comfort system throws at you—whether it’s time for an emergency repair, a regular tune-up or a new system installation. Schedule your appointment by calling Keating Plumbing and Heating at 603-556-8724 or contact us online.

Enjoy Cleaner, Fresher Air with an Air Purification System

Breathe cleaner, fresher air at home or work with an air purification system from Keating Plumbing, Heating and Cooling. Choose from the maintenance-free iWave®, a whole-home air purifier that works with any furnace, heat pump, air conditioner or mini-split. Or the TRIO Plus™, a portable air purifier that plugs into an outlet. Give us a call at 603-556-8724 today and our pros will help you choose the right air filtration system for your needs.


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Independent testing shows the iWave safely reduces odors, allergens, bacteria and some viruses under certain airflow conditions. For example, it can reduce airborne mold spores by 99.5%, according to laboratory test results. And E. coli by 99.68% after 15 minutes and staph by 96.24% after 30 minutes.

We install the iWave inside your residential or light commercial heating and cooling system. When air passes over it, the harmless ions it produces reduce pathogens, particles and odors. This creates a healthy environment without producing any harmful byproducts like ozone, which can irritate your lungs.

Unlike other air purifiers, the iWave doesn’t need replacement bulbs or ongoing service. With its patent-pending, self-cleaning design, you can enjoy years of maintenance-free performance.


The Trio Plus combines three cutting-edge technologies in one powerful, portable system. With maximum airflow for added protection in any space, it’s ideal for homes, schools and workplaces.

The TRIO Plus features true HEPA filtration, high-intensity UVC germicidal sterilization and PRO-Cell™ toxic gas reduction. It does this all without producing harmful ozone, which can irritate your respiratory system.

Here’s how the powerful filtration system works. It begins with a prefilter, which captures larger particles like hair and dander. Then, the HEPA filter traps particles as small as 0.1 micron, including mold, bacteria, dust, dander, pollen and some viruses under certain airflow conditions. Finally, activated carbon absorbs toxic gases from smoke, household products and cleaners.

Next, PRO-Cell technology breaks down toxic volatile organic compounds into safe vapors. In one final step, UVC germicidal technology neutralizes bacteria, mold, fungi and some viruses under certain airflow conditions.

The technology used in this efficient air filtration system is backed by science, as the
CDC, WHO and ASHRAE all recommend UVC lights and HEPA filtration for air disinfection.

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“I just wanted to say thank you for your help today. We found out last night that we didn’t have any hot water and were totally lost on how to fix. Even though we weren’t existing customers, we were treated as if we were with you for years. All I can say is WOW! The service was exemplary. The technician was thorough, friendly, and took the time to show me how everything should work. He is a credit to your company. Great work all around. Thank you to you and your team for a job well done.”

– Steve

I would definitely recommend Keating to friends and I’m a big fan of my heat pump. Several neighbors have inquired about it and have come to see it. I’m attempting to have my renovated home LEED certified and, if it works out, will have some open houses to let folks come and see its green features. The heat pump will certainly be part of that. I was glad to find Keating which had such great experience and training in installing these systems.

– Theresa

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At Keating Plumbing and Heating, we’re proud to offer products from Lennox® – a company whose dedication to your home comfort matches our own. We have the experience and skills to find the correct HVAC solution for your home, whether you need a small repair or a new system. Trust us to take care of your home and we’ll make sure you’re comfortable at all times. Call us at 603-556-8724 or contact us online so we can work together toward total home comfort!